Welcome Back Jonah


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Last year, 2012; started with me looking for a new job. In fact I have been looking for a new job ever since I had started working for my organization. I had been through about 3 years working experience and worked hard enough to earn myself 2 promotions. I was really good at what I did but no matter how many application I sent out weekly, no matter how much praying and fasting I did, no matter what the matter was, I still could not get a new job.

I had been ambitious and applied for posts I was under qualified for, had been practical and applied for posts that suited my experience and I had been desperate and even send out a watered down copy of my CV for vacancies I was over qualified for. Still I had no success. I somehow could not go although I hated every waking moment I spend at work.

I felt the weightiness of my job. I was a logistician for a christian aid organization. I worked mainly on programs that provided free surgical operations to children who had Hernia or cranio facial deformities. They mostly came from disadvantaged backgrounds and were all treated for free. I distributed food aid to orphanages, prisons and other times medical supplies to hospitals. Most of these people did not stand a chance in my country’s economy at that time, my own parents were struggling. I was their only hope; I thought. As recession affected America more and more, our aid was diminishing and I had a long list of beneficiaries who called me daily, looking for anything. Did I mention that I am also a nurse?

Pride ate up my soul, devoured it; all up whole. The frustrations did not go away until in September after 9 gruesome months, I felt the release. I resigned mid October and spend the rest of the year sleeping and volunteering for my old workplace. I had started off as a volunteer and this was how it was going to end.

I had pain, my soul, spirit and body ached. I cried for the back ache I had developed carrying supplies, I cried for my soul that had gone so cold and vengeful but most of all I cried for me. How far had I walked from where I started? My spirit had been wounded and as it ached, tears would stream down my face. I had bosses to forgive and really sad events to forget. If I was going to move on, I had to let go of the past.

I eventually did. I learnt how to deal with the pride and everything else that came with it. I prayed and realized, all these good works had been booby trapped in my path by a loving, all powerful Creator. He had given me this work and an amazing CV. The promotions and status were all from Him and for Him. How could I have been so blind?

This story has a very happy ending. I start of 2013 with an amazing job. I prayed and asked God for a wonderful vacancy where His will would be done in my life on a daily basis. They could not find a replacement not that I am a genius but because God is a wonderful, forgiving Father. He kept my place open just for me. With Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate of over 70%, He kept my place for me. I had enough time to breakdown, repent and heal, even if it was going to take 5 months, the job would still have been waiting.

I am glad to be back and say, may His will be done in my life in Jesus Name. Wish you all an amazing year. May God’s plans and purposes for your life prevail, always. God Bless!!!