A young, independent, carefree, easygoing; daughter, sister, cousin, friend, godmother (I am yet to inform the lil boy and his mother), hip hop dancer, comedian, storyteller, designer and a whole lot other things.

I am a Christian, I love God, love people and love most of all to work with children. I have taught kids church for the past 10 years, worked with HIV positive adolescents, orphans and children admitted in hospital(terminally ill with cancer, fractures or a chest infection) . My favorite Bible story is on creation Genesis 1 and I have taught it to all my keen students. Without fail I will teach them that praying is talking to God; so, sometimes you will whisper, shout out loud or just have a normal conversation.

I believe God is love, the love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. I believe Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, by and through Him all things consist/were made. I believe in Holy Spirit, my friend, great comforter and giver of all spiritual gifts. I am a believer!!!

I am a nurse and am also employed as a logistician. I run programs that offer free medical services to disadvantaged communities and free surgical services for children. I also receive and distribute shipments of aid supplies. Since I am usually busy(traveling and running around), I will not write as much as most of what I want to share ends up as stories told to the strangers I will be working with. You will love my work when I start writing about it. Thank you for checking out my lil space šŸ˜‰


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